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>I missed the show last week because I was on vacation. My family forced me to watch that awful Fashion Rocks crap. There was no rock to speak of on that show, nor was it very entertaining.

On to the recaplet:

Dionne Warwick, I love “Say a Little Prayer,” but don’t let Lucy Lawless butcher your song. Personally, I’d rather hear “Do You Know the Way To San Jose”.

Denise Williams? Let’s hear it for the boy! Ok, I don’t know any of her other songs. Or I just didn’t know she sang them. I really don’t care about the faux drama of Alfonso Robeiro losing his voice. Somebody call the Waaaambulance.

How is that Olympic Gold Medalist chick still on this show? She sings worse than Cheech. At least Cheech is funny. I have no idea who she’s singing with either. Is that little Aaron Carter?

Hal Sparks, I was wondering if you were going to bring the rock and then you reply with Styx. Very nice. Come sail away, indeed!

Oh God no…not Aaron Neville. I’m just not a fan of his. Cheech is probably going to be the next to leave.

I’m just waiting for Chaka Kahn, but Taylor Dane shows up. I liked Taylor Dane until I found out she was friends with that freak Leah Remini.

6 thoughts on “>Celebrity Duets Week 3

  1. SFChick74

    >On tonight’s results show: Hal Sparks and Dennis DeYoung sing the classic Mr. Roboto! On this performance alone, Hal Sparks deserves to win.

  2. SFChick74

    >It’s probably a beta blogger dumb thing.

    Have you seen Leah Remini interviewed? Granted, they probably edit it up all nuts, but I saw her on the Red Carpet at the Emmy’s and she couldn’t even take Seacrest’s lame attempts at joking about Scientology.


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