>Baseball and Confusion

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Why in the hell did Fox start showing folks singing God Bless America during the 7th Inning Stretch?  It’s a beautiful song, but BORING and kind of a downer in the sense that it changes the energy of the game. 

Then I started thinking…what the hell would they play at Toronto Blue Jays games?  My guess is Snowbird by Anne Murray or maybe Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams.  If they were cool, they would do a little Working Man by Rush.

Regardless, I’d rather hear Take Me Out to the Ballgame instead of the snoozefest the Fox network seems to have picked for no particular reason whatsoever.

Isn’t a pastime supposed to be about having fun?  Let’s do away with the song that puts people to sleep and put in something peppy to keep the momentum going.  Something happy!  Heck, what about Centerfield by John Fogerty?  Don’t tell me that silly network can’t afford the rights to it.

2 thoughts on “>Baseball and Confusion

  1. Ms. Chick

    >I enjoy Tony Bennett as much as the next gal, but in my opinion, the crowd's rendition of Don't Stop Believin' was much more appropriate.


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