>Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

>Have you seen this snooze-fest? I tried to watch this over the weekend, but just couldn’t seem to get through it. I guess it was supposed to be an homage to those sci-fi movies of the 1940s. While I appreciate the way it was shot to look like a Ted Turner colorized black and white movie as well as the retro robots attacking everything, there just was no story. There were too many drawn out scenes which did little to move the plot along. How long do we need to see Gwyneth Paltrow running along the street trying to take pictures of the robots? We get it. Someone please hire an editor! I don’t get how Kerry Conran convinced someone to produce this movie. I guess it sounded better on paper.

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2 thoughts on “>Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

  1. SFChick74

    >Tonight’s movie is Win A Date with Tad Hamilton! My sister said it was cute. We’ll see if she’s right.


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