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>I went to see the Aviator last night. It was a good movie. If you go see it, be prepared to deal with a very long movie. It’s 2 hours 45 minutes. You have to plan your drinks. Otherwise, you will have to get up in the middle of the movie to use the restroom. There is a scene about 2 hours or so into the movie where Howard Hughes is having a fit of the crazies and is peeing into a bottle. It’s very uncomfortable when you need to go yourself.

I think Scorsese did a good job getting the feel for the different decades. The beginning of the movie felt slow, but the times were slow. As the world changed, so did the movie. The colors changed, the tempo changed. I think Cate Blanchette did a pretty good job as Katherine Hepburn. And Kate Beckinsdale was ok as Ava Gardner, but I guess I didn’t realize how trashy Ava Gardner was. I really don’t know much about her other than she slept with Sinatra.

I saw a True Hollywood Story about Howard Hughes or maybe it was a Biography on A & E. All I can remember from that program was the stuff that happened to Howard Hughes later in life, when he moved to Las Vegas. Throughout the movie I kept going, “Are those guys the Mormons?”

My friend was having a hard time with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. She still sees him as that kid on the last season of Growing Pains. I thought he did pretty well as a grown up. All I have to say is that now I am self-conscious about washing my hands. Thanks, Leo!

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