Not Quite a Movie Review: Argo

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Today I noticed a tweet by Wired that caught my eye:

Click through to read the story.

I had seen the trailers for this movie, but other than the fact that Ben Affleck was in it, I wasn’t really interested.  The government makes a fake movie to cover something up?  Sounds like Wag the Dog to me.  OK, they faked a war by using a movie producer to create it, but kind of the same vein.

Regardless, something made me click through and I am so glad that I did.  I didn’t realize that the movie is based on a true story about the Iranian hostage crisis.  That’s what sucked me in, but the article was so well written and interesting that I couldn’t stop reading.  I was fascinated.  I was scared for those people.  I needed to know that they got out of that chaos alive.  I’m not a huge fan of the Cold War genre of movies, but I really dig a good spy movie.  If the movie is anything like this article, I definitely want to see it.

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