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>I saw Be Cool last night. It was better than I expected. If you are a fan of Aerosmith, you probably have already seen this movie. There were alot of characters in the movie, but it didn’t get confusing, which is easy to do. It was fairly well written, which I alwasy appreciate. It’s not a movie I would run out to see. It was a little on the long side. But, if you feel the itch to get out of the house, this movie is worth the trip to the theater. I didn’t see the first one (Get Shorty), but it’s definitely on my Netflix list now.

The theater I went to, I will never go to again. They showed 10-15 commercials BEFORE the previews. I am not kidding. I don’t remember seeing that many commercials before the previews in any other theater. I can’t imagine how they justified showing so many. It’s not like the tickets were cheap ($10). After all those commercials I was in a bad mood. Commercials are usually stupid and/or confusing. I do my best to ignore them at home. When you are trapped in a dark room with nothing else to look at or do, your awareness is forced to the blaring light/noise in front of you. I was forced to soak in the stupidity.

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