>Movie Review – the Interpreter

>I saw “The Interpreter” last night. It was kinda boring and a little confusing. There were alot of characters to have to remember. Some scenes seemed to be just thrown in for artistic effect and didn’t really do much to move the story along. Plus, I still can’t figure out why this one guy died.

Maybe it was his acting or the story didn’t develop his character enough, but I just didn’t like Sean Penn’s character. Boo freaking hoo! Get back to the story, who cares about him. I guess there was supposed to be some sort of parallelism of suffering going on between the two main characters, but I just didn’t care.

I recommend renting this movie if you really insist on seeing it. Luckily, I didn’t pay for the movie. A friend had free passes, but I won’t get back those two hours of my life that I lost. I should have gone to see Kung Fu Hustle, instead.

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