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>I have to say, I had few expectations when I went to see this movie. I thought there would be little to no story, but it surprisingly it had a more gripping plot than that last Star Wars flick.

40 Year Old Virgin wasn’t just a string of sex jokes. It was about a guy who struggled with the dating scene and just finally gave up. His coworkers make it their mission to find him a date or just get laid.

Who among us hasn’t felt that frustration with our love lives at least once? You are just so frustrated and scared you just say, “Fuck it. I give up. I’m joining a convent. Hell, I’ll start my own!” Just me?

If you want to escape from the insanity of the world go see this movie. The end scene is my favorite. Let the sunshine in! It’s not Oscar worthy, but it’s definitely worth the $10 admission.

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