>Movie Reccomendations – Old School Style

>I’m pretty sure no one else has seen this movie and it’s kind of a shame.  Gotcha! is not a good movie.  It’s a mindless Cold War romp starring Anthony Edwards.  Seriously, if Netflix has this available, rent it ASAP.  He’s a college student who plays paintball with his buddies a la Spy vs Spy only to stumble upon the real thing.

Another movie you haven’t seen has the kid from E.T. in it.  Side note, my sister and I are the only two people I know that can’t stand E.T.

Anyway, Dabney Coleman is also in Cloak & Dagger with a dual role as the kid’s dad and his imaginary friend.  The kid’s imaginary friend, not the dad’s.  It’s about a kid who has a wild imagination and likes to pretend he’s a spy when you guessed it, he stumbles upon the real thing.

2 thoughts on “>Movie Reccomendations – Old School Style

  1. Dave2

    >Not only have I seen "Gotcha!"… I was tweeting about watching it yet again a while back! I love that movie.

  2. SFChick74

    >How funny. I haven't seen it in YEARS. I suppose I should try to find it to see if it really is as good as I remember. Of course it was a cheesy movie, but then again, weren't most movies in the 80s pretty cheesy?


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