BlogHer ’13 Conference: Fun, Knowledge and Inspiration

San Diego, BlogHer '11In just 7 short weeks, I will be in Chicago for my second BlogHer adventure. I am so excited! I admit, that the first time I went to this blogging conference, it was mostly just to get free stuff. This time, is slightly different. While I’m still excited about getting the swag, I’m excited to see what I can see in Chicago. Paul and I will be driving down from the Twin Cities, so I will be able to check off two more state on my quest to visit all 50 of these united ones.

Because we are both children of the 80s, we want to visit any and all Ferris Bueller locales. Sears Tower (or Willis Tower as it’s called now), Art Institute of Chicago, “Chez Quis”, Wrigley Field (also in the Blues Brothers), and Dearborn Street (where the parade marched). Not sure if we’ll get to the Chicago Board of Trade, but maybe get close enough for a Foursquare check in.

CheeseburgHerAnother aspect of BlogHer I’m excited about are the parties. The official parties were a heck of a good time when I went to San Diego. My favorite one was CheeseburgHer. How can you not enjoy a party that has arts & crafts along with fast food and booze??

While only two days of parties have been announced thus far, I’m intrigued by the addition of karaoke. While I’m not usually one to get up there and sing (I’m an awful singer), I do enjoy those brave souls who do venture up to the mic and belt out a tune.

Of course, there is the whole off-site party situation. Part of me wants to completely eschew them. I have read and understand why the powers that be at BlogHer frown upon them. But, part of me REALLY REALLY wants an invite! They have such cool stuff to give away and it’s not like everyone gets to go…I know. It’s very junior high of me. However, there are a couple of companies who may be sponsoring a party or two (they have in the past) and I would like to go to them. Not for the swag, but for the networking opportunities. They are companies for which I have written sponsored blog posts and would like to meet some of the folks in real life.

Bags of swagOne aspect of the conference itself that I cannot wait to attend is the Birds of a Feather session for Humor. This was the one and only session I loved. Afterwards, I felt inspired to write and push my blog out into the world more and generally felt more alive. Never before had I been in a room with such a large group of funny people. I truly felt like part of the flock. It didn’t matter if I was a mom or not. It didn’t matter if I was single or not. Everyone there was there because they loved to laugh.

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