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>I was perusing the Mac products at Best Buy today when I saw a Norton Anti-virus for Mac. What the hell? I thought Mac’s didn’t have viruses. Now I’m all paranoid about my computer getting infected by something malicious. Did I fall for some slick marketing or are Macs really safer from vicious hackers and their idiotic tactics than PCs?

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4 thoughts on “>Wait a minute!

  1. JustinLL

    >I think they’re still safer for now, just because they aren’t as interesting to attack. The potential chaos from taking down a network of PCs via email virus is much cooler than taking down a network of Macs. You know what I’m saying? Taking out a few hundred home users is nothing compared to crippling a few million corporate machines.

  2. SFChick74

    >Interesting. I would guess if someone's ego is twisted enough to hack into a network, they would want to do something big time and not small potatoes.

  3. Merra

    >Wait a minute! I thought this was going to be a post about make-up. Guess not. Hope your computer stays virus-free!


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