LEGO minfigures bump codes: Simpsons series 2

LEGO came out with yet another Simpsons minifigures set, so of course, my husband and I had to get each minifigure.

These bump codes are mostly for the first run. The only two we couldn’t find initially were Patty and Dr. Hibbert. They may be from a second or later production run. Below are the images along with hints on what to feel for to find each LEGO minifigure:

LEGO minfigures bump codes Simpsons

Bartman: Feel for his head/mask and slingshot. Smithers: feel for his hair and the Stacy doll box in his hand. Professor Frink: Feel for the beaker. He’s the only one with something beaker shaped. Homer on date night: This one is tricky because you can confuse him with Dr. Hibbert. The trick is to feel for the nose. That’s literally the only difference we could find to help distinguish between the two.

LEGO minifigures bump codes Simpsons


Milhouse as Fall Out Boy: He’s got a can, but you should feel for short legs too. The Comic Book Guy also has something can-like. Maggie & Santa’s Little Helper: Her hair is fairly distinctive, but of course, you should feel for the dog too. Marge on date night: Again, her hair will be the first thing you find, but also feel for her purse. Selma: Like her sisters, her hair is easy to spot, but to distinguish her from Patty, you’ll need to feel for the square eye test in her hand too.

LEGO Minifigures bump codes Simpsons

Edna Krabbapel: The mug and the square thing are a good combo to feel for, but check for her hair too. Comic Book Store Guy: He’s got a Slurpee thing in his hand, but feel for it carefully because you could confuse it for something else. Make sure it’s combined with a square thing. Martin Prince: The pointy thing on he hair is a good thing to feel for as well as the book. Hans Moleman: For some reason we kept finding tons of this guy. The letter in his hand is the easiest way to tell it’s him.


Dr. Hibbert: Again, he and Homer are really close, so be sure to feel for the difference in the nose. Patty: Her hair is amazingly huge. The bag will look slightly oddly shaped. Also feel for her purse. Lisa: Her hair is a dead giveaway, but could be confused with Maggie, so be sure to feel for Snowball II. Groundskeeper Willy: I found a ton of him too. The best way to make sure it’s him is to feel for the plunger.

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