LEGO Christmas decorations: Winter village ideas

LEGO-Christmas-Decorations-Winter-VillageMy dad is a big fan of winter villages. He collects the Department 56 buildings and creates fun scenes that are full of Christmas spirit. It’s something many people do. My husband does the same thing, but with LEGOs. 

LEGO Christmas decorations: sets and seasonal

Santa’s Workshop (LEGO Affiliate Link)

So far, I’ve seen a Winter Village Market (or carnival as Paul likes to call it) and Santa’s Workshop in the LEGO stores. Some hard to find sets I’ve seen on the internet include a Winter Village Cottage (came out in 2012), Winter Village Toy Shop (came out in 2009), and a Winter Village Post Office (came out in 2011). I’ve also seen a Winter Village Bakery (came out in 2010).

LEGO-Christmas-Decoration-Ideas-1Paul has the Winter Village Market (image above with the carousel), Winter Village Cottage, and Santa’s Workshop. He only started getting these holiday sets last year, so our collection is small. We do have some of the smaller holiday items like the Reindeer and Snowman that came out this year and will incorporate them into our LEGO Christmas decorations. As you can see in the image above, Paul has put Santa Darth Maul, the Gingerbread Man, and a random Christmas tree into this Winter Village Market. We also have this fun winter scene where a kid is playing hockey and a kid is sliding down a snowy hill.

I thought the kid was curling, but Paul insists it’s a hockey stick and not a broom in his hand. Curling sounds like way more fun to me, but if you look at the image above, it is a hockey stick and goal in the set.


LEGO Christmas decorations: Build your own!

You could always design your own. Maybe you already have some houses built. Why not just add some Christmas lights or wreaths to them? Maybe add some white bricks for snow? This site has some downloadable instructions for various Christmas decorations. You can easily add them to regular buildings to give them some holiday spirit. That’s the fun of LEGO. Use your imagination!  (Don’t start singing that song from the movie… Too late!) It’s a fun project to do with the kids. You can put it together every year, add to it in fun ways. Start a new tradition today!

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