>You know what would be nice? A little domestic help

>Confession: While I am perfectly capable of killing all manner of insects on my own, I wish there was a man around to kill them for me.

Yes, I know it’s not politically correct or very feminist of me to admit, but it would be nice to have someone around to help out with dumb crap like that. I can take out my own trash. I can bring home the bacon. I can even put up a curtain rod by myself, but coming home to an empty house every night sucks ass.

Granted, I will probably always bring home my own bacon because if a man ever said to me, “It’s my money.” I would end the relationship right then and there. The State of California begs to differ with regard to married couples.

The thing is that it’s not that I can’t DO certain chores. I just am tired of DOING them. Fine. Fine. I know that mature adults are in relationships not to share chores, but because they want companionship, (which I crave even more than chocolate while PMSing).

It would just be nice to have someone around who I can at least ask for assistance from time to time. I’m also tired of making decisions on my own. It would be nice to have a consultant. Someone to at least talk through what should be done when the car suddenly goes kaput for no reason would be a refreshing change.

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