Wine Review: The Naked Grape

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This isn’t your grandma’s box wine.

You know why I love boxed wine? Because if I open a bottle of wine, odds are 50% of it will go bad.  I’m the only wine drinker in my household, so it takes me a while to consume a whole bottle.  I hate wasting wine and love getting a good deal.

The good people at The Naked Grape sent me a sample of their Cabernet Sauvignon in the 3 liter box. I think there are about four bottles of wine in a box this size, which is about 16 glasses of wine…give or take.  You get all of that for under $20.  That’s about $1.25 per glass.  Cheaper than a cup of coffee!

It was pretty good.  Smooth, dry, fruity…It wasn’t the best wine I’ve ever had, but it is a decent daily wine. Is that a thing? Daily wine? Maybe just me. Moving on…

I’d heard of The Naked Grape, but for whatever reason, hadn’t tried their wines.  Now that I’ve had a chance to sample it, I’m definitely putting it on my search list.  They have a way to look for their wines near you on their website, but due to the weird ass laws in Minnesota, it won’t work for me.

Speaking of weird ass laws, if you don’t live in Minnesota, you can go over to The Naked Grape site and download a coupon for a dollar off a box or a bottle.

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