>What am I not supposed to eat this week?


Remember when eggs were high in cholesterol and were banned from meal time?  Then everything had to be fat free, which made red meat evil and chicken the protein of the day.

Then everything had to be sugar free and Equal became a fixture in our coffee and soda.  In the late 90s, carbs became the enemy and bread was shunned while meat was our friend again.  And at some point eggs were forgiven their cholesterol content and found their way back into our meals instead of something to be avoided. 

Now gluten is trying to kill us all.  Seriously, a bottle of honey tells me it’s gluten free.  I don’t even know what gluten is, yet I feel like I should stay the hell away from it.  It must be tasty though if it’s suddenly not good for me, right?

Obviously, I’m not an nutritionist, but it seems to me that a little balance and common sense is all we need to consider when we eat.  Of course, that’s easier said than done.

1 thought on “>What am I not supposed to eat this week?

  1. Joanne

    >Actually gluten-free is helpful to ME but not if you're normal. 🙂 I am gluten intolerant and it is a fabulous genetic disorder(sarcasm hand raised). Gluten is the protein found in wheat, rye and barley that helps bind food together. That chewey goodness french bread has? Gluten helps that along. If I eat it I break out in itchy pussy blisters which is fairly unattractive. The other type of reaction is along the lactose intolerance reaction although then it is damaging the intestines. So, I like that they label things gluten-free although I would have presumed a jar of honey is anyway. 🙂 There are those who think a GF (gluten-free) diet will benefit a host of other conditions (like autism) but that is unproven. (But I do agree it gets old and kind of ridiculous trying to keep track of which foods are the devil this week).


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