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>I never thought this day would come.  It’s been almost 10 years since terrorists attacked the US and not once did I ever feel confident that Osama bin Laden would be found.  When I first read the news on Twitter, I didn’t believe it.  Many hoaxes about people dying have been perpetrated through tweets, but as I read on, I saw a few actual news sources reporting on his death. 

It wasn’t until I watched the President’s speech that the full emotion of this historical moment engulfed me.  The mastermind behind the tragedy on September 11th 2001 was no more.  I know that this won’t prevent crazy terrorists from attacking the US again, but for just a moment, I felt like all was right with the world.  Hope filled me.  An evil person was brought to justice.

Yes, I know he didn’t stand trial, but we all know he’s guilty.  While 99% of the time I am an ardent supporter of people getting their day in court, this fucker needed to die.  The horror and fear that he caused to spread through the country, and for that matter a good portion of the world, for the past 10 years negated all of his civil rights. We went to war because of this jerk! Too many civilians and soldiers died because of the events he orchestrated and the effects afterward.

I hope those first responders in New York City and Washington DC have a huge party on Tuesday or at least a quiet drink to remember their colleagues that gave their lives to try to rescue people from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  I hope those who lost family and friends on that fateful day feel a sense of justice or peace or closure.  Maybe all three, but I hope this historic event helps them and all of us affected by the attacks on the United States. 

And I know that they will never read this post and I don’t need to know who they are, but thank you to those nameless brave folks who put in the work to hunt down Osama bin Laden. 

I also find it oddly poetic that on the anniversary of the day the world learned that Hitler was dead, we also learned that Osama bin Laden is dead, not to mention it’s also the “Mission Accomplished” speech by George W. Bush.  Maybe ol’ GW is a psychic and doesn’t even know it!  He’s just got his timing off.

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