>Rules of Etiquette: the Checkout Line

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>Now, I am well aware that there is an unwritten rule of courtesy that if you are pushing a large cart of items and the person behind you is carrying a small basket of items, you should let them get in front of you while checking out.  However, the guy behind me in line today needs to realize that this rule does not apply if there are self-checkout kiosks available and not being used.  Seriously, there were 3 of these little kiosks wide open and this dude was breathing down my neck because I wouldn’t let him and his 15 items or less in front of me.  Sorry, but walk about 20 feet and do it yourself if you are in that much of a hurry. 

If this dude had gotten in line just as I had, then I probably would have let him in front of me regardless of the fact that he has the self-help option.  But since he approached after I had unloaded a few items, I cannot be made to put my items back in my cart just to be “nice”.  There is a line of polite manners demarcation and that dude didn’t cross it in time.

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