>Of clothing and humiliation

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What ever you do, be careful if you try on this dress at Target.  Why? Well unless you have arms as thin as rails and don’t have shoulders like a linebacker, you might get stuck in it.  I just did.  Yes, I’m admitting my humiliation to the world in order to prevent some other poor woman from suffering the same fate. 

The sad part is that the dress is really cute on.  The problem is that I couldn’t move my arms in it.  Unlike the kid in A Christmas Story, I couldn’t get my arms up so I could pull the thing over my head to get it off. 

If you notice, it’s a shirt dress.  Unfortunately for me, the damn buttons didn’t go all the away down the front of the dress or I could have slipped it off unassisted. 

Thank God I didn’t try the clothes on at the store and have to ask some random stranger to help me.  I had to call my Mom to come over and rescue me.  It’s just adding fuel to my “find someone to co-habitate with as soon as possible” fire.  Granted, I could have cut my way out of it, but then I couldn’t return the thing and get my money back.

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