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>A woman’s hair is interesting.  I think it’s a reflection of her inner state of being.  I remember reading once that if a woman drastically alters her hair, either a change is about to happen in her life or she is going through a big change.  My hair has been brunette, auburn and even green for a short stint in college.  It’s been cut into an A-line and has hung down my back.  It’s been feathered and Aqua-netted beyond belief.  I’ve taken a crimping iron to it.  I’ve even permed it.  Of course, all the changes to my hair occurred in my youth while I was trying to find my sense of style, trying to mask the inner turmoil that was puberty.  Once I hit 30, my personality mellowed out somewhat.  I stuck with the blonde locks I was given at birth, but now obtain through Clairol. 

I noticed this gal in my office building the other day who I have a “hello in the hall and restroom” relationship.  Actually, I barely recognized her because she went from a bubbly blonde to a subdued brunette.  It wasn’t just the color of her hair though.  It was the style too.  It used to be curly and fun.  Now it’s straight and cute.  I want to ask her what motivated her to make the change, but that’s kind of a personal question and I don’t want to hear something awful. She still has a smile on her face, but the glow in her eyes seems to be gone.  I still wonder if her hair is a reflection of what’s going on in her psyche or if her hair makes her seem more melancholy because of some preconceived notion about hair colors in our society.

2 thoughts on “>Hair, shiny beautiful hair!

  1. JustinLL

    >Is this a universal "girl thing" with the hair being a reflection of her inner state?

    What's the universal indicator for guys?

  2. Ms. Chick

    >I think it is pretty common, but I've not done a scientific study. I mean if a woman has a good hair day, she's usually in a good mood right?

    For guys? I have no idea. What do you have an emotional connection to?


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