>Fashionista, I am not.

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The dress in question

Gals, do you ever try on ugly clothes just to see what they look like? 

I do this once in a while.  Why? Mostly because I have hit a fashion rut and need to jolt myself into a new look. 

Any men reading this post have probably just gone cross eyed with boredom, if they made it this far.

I tried on three ugly dresses today and ended up buying one.  Why?  Because when I put it on, it made me feel like I was about to have fun.  It made me feel carefree and silly.  And as an added bonus, it was comfortable.  So what if it looks like something Goldie Hawn or Jo Anne Worley would have worn on Laugh-In?

Yes, I know cute and comfortable usually don’t go together in the fashion world, but this dress seemed to go against that rule.  Maybe because it really isn’t that cute…

2 thoughts on “>Fashionista, I am not.

  1. Nick

    >I didn't get bored. I like that dress. Of course MY weird mind immediately wandered to a weird scenario where I'm on the phone with my mom and she asks me what you're doing and I say "she's trying on ugly dresses." lol.


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