>Beauty and brains…we want it all.


As a woman with an allegedly higher than normal IQ, I’m here to tell you that it’s not always a blessing. It’s really quite frustrating…a lot. It’s hard for me to grasp that most people are not as smart as I am mostly because I don’t always feel that smart.

But, I’m bringing this up because I saw this article  in the Daily Mail that 1/3 of young women would rather have big tits instead of a high IQ. Granted, I am totally against breast augmentation, unless you’ve been suffering from cancer, were in an accident, or are in fact, a stripper, it’s a stupid thing to do, but I can understand a little as to why they would choose that path. It’s a bit extreme for me. It’s one thing to paint your nails and color your hair. It’s another to go through surgery or inject yourself with a deadly toxin.

Look at the photo of that gal with the plastic domes stuffed into her chest cavity. It looks ugly to me. She’s obviously malnourished. You can see the bones in her upper chest. Always hot.

And the photo of the gal with the supposedly high IQ? Come on. That’s so stupid. The paper picked that photo because she looks stupid in that outfit. Why not put a photo of that woman looking nice? Surely her taste in clothes isn’t always that bad.

Here’s the thing I want to tell all woman, especially those who are yearning for larger boobs, if you in fact have boobs, men are looking at them no matter the size. I’m not exactly the most well endowed woman around, but I still catch men checking things out. In fact, I don’t even have to be dressed up or showing a bit of cleavage. I can be in a sweatshirt and I see them looking. Hello? Could there be anything less sexy than a sweatshirt? And no, there weren’t any words emblazoned across my chest as an excuse to have guys look.

Next time you are chatting with a guy, watch his eyes. Some men have trained themselves well not to look. But if you are talking to them long enough, their hormones might break through their training. It’s not like a leer. They just glance down.

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