20 Year High School Reunion: Part 2 – Overture

Today is the day. If last night is anything like tonight’s shindig, it should be surprisingly fun. I had no expectations when I went to the bars to see old friends. I have only a few for tonight. The best part of the night was seeing two friends I haven’t seen in 20 years. Yes, my voice was dolphin-like with excitement. Hugs were had everywhere.

There was some initial reticence on my part. I just stood there in the bar like I was in some weird dream. Here were these people from high school, but we weren’t in high school. I kept having flashbacks to Biology in sophomore year. A big, poorly lit room full of people, some I know, some I just know by name. Everyone looked stretched out, wrinkled, but happy. The one thing I noticed, no one’s eyes had changed. Yes, we all have crow’s feet, but the light that was there in high school is still there.

Personalities hadn’t changed. This was a good thing. I know what I’m getting in to tonight.

Everyone was just happy to be there. And yes, we all stay in touch on Facebook, but there’s just something about being together in person. There’s an energy you don’t get through the computer. That’s not true. The energy you get through the computer is amplified when you are together in person.

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