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There was an article in the SFGate the other day about Yule Logs. Apparently, the above Yule Log’s Santa is none other than Paul from the Diamond Center. The above Yule Log was broadcast on KOFY TV-20. How I miss that quirky channel.

For those of you who can remember, I found one of the dog promos. Classic!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. tsduff

    >I love the yule log. I miss it dreadfully. There was one listed on Christmas Eve, so I checked it out. E-gads… it was a cheesy bunch of sticks which never burned up: probably it was gas. What a rip – I wish they’d bring back the real McCoy. Hope you had a happy holiday – merry christmas and all that jazz. I miss reading your funny, rather dry wit. It is refreshing.


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