>Why am I all jittery?

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>It’s probably because I just ate like 10 cookies. Granted, they were small, but I’m still feeling the effects of a sugar rush. It’s Day 3 of the Annual Cookie Bake. Yes, I make some cookies that take 3 days to make. Believe me, they are worth it, plus I only make them for Christmas. They are raspberry almond pinwheels. I also stirred up some spice cookies and might bake some spritz or sugar cookies by Sunday night.

I’m off to watch the Christmas specials on my new Tivo!

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3 thoughts on “>Why am I all jittery?

  1. SFChick74

    >LOL! Well, cooking regular food is not exactly a strong point of mine, but I sure can whip up a cake, cookies and/or pie!


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