Travel Tales: Twin Cities (Part Deux)

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University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

My trip to the Twin Cities was full of firsts.  I finally got kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Yes, it took me 38 years for that to happen.  It might seem sad, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Also, Paul took me to my first hockey game.  It was a lot of fun.  Apparently, I’m more into sports than the average woman.  Or maybe that’s just a stupid stereotype…either way, I don’t necessarily like playing sports.  I just like watching them.

Being from California, we don’t get many opportunities to watch hockey.  Yes, I know, we have the San Jose Sharks, but I never got around to seeing a game.  Or is it a match?  Why am I over thinking this??  Maybe it’s just more ingrained in the culture in the Midwest since it you know snows there, but they sure do like their hockey.

The only part of the game I didn’t really like was when they would slam into the boards.  It was just a minor irritation.  I just don’t like the idea of those boys getting hurt.  I know. I watch football and they have worse injuries at those games, but the sound of a body slamming into that construction didn’t set well with me.


Watching the Zamboni clean the ice is always interesting.  I don’t know what’s so hypnotizing about that machine.  They had little kids riding around on it.  They all looked happy to be out there.  I would be freaked out and probably a little bored if I was just riding around on that machine.  The whole time I’m be worried I was going to fall mixed in with a little “Is this thing done yet?!?”

Antics on the ice

Antics on the ice

There were other antics like cheerleaders.  Yes, cheerleaders at a hockey game.  At first I totally scoffed, but then I saw that they were really ice skaters with pom-poms, so I gave them a little more respect after a double axle or two.

And of course, the mascot, Goldy got into the mix.  I’m not sure if the kids in the giant plastic balls being pushed by a giant gopher is ironic or just poetic.  I do know that it was hilarious.

Interesting side note:  The arena had free WiFi, so you could post silly pictures on Facebook and instagram when you weren’t watching for flying pucks.

Aren't we cute in our jerseys??

Aren’t we cute in our jerseys??

5 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Twin Cities (Part Deux)

  1. Paul

    It’s a hockey GAME. And hockey is pretty much just Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and maybe eastern North Dakota, in terms of Midwestern states. Iowa? Kansas? Yeah, right… 🙂


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