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While I am currently filled with the holiday spirit, I do not listen to Christmas music on a non-stop loop.  I only listen to it when doing holiday oriented activities like wrapping gifts or baking cookies.  Sometimes when my family sits down to play cards, we will have it on in the background.  OK, I admit to listing to a few carols at work.  I needed something to change my mood or get me through a boring task.

Which leads me to ask, what are your favorite Christmas songs?  According to my iTunes play list, these are the following songs I listen to the most and are probably my favorite:

Holiday Playlist

  1. All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey – Yes, I know.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  What can I say?  I love that cheeseball song.
  2. Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry – I always want to call this Run, Run Rudolph because that’s how the song goes.  Either way, it doesn’t really sound like a Christmas song, but I enjoy the 50’s early rock ‘n roll vibe.
  3. The Merriest by June Christy – Whenever I hear this song, I instantly crave a martini.  It makes me want to put on a fancy party dress and walk around with a drink in my hand like some swanky adult.
  4. The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole – How can you not love Nat King Cole?  His voice is just wonderful.  It’s just not Christmas until I hear this song.
  5. The Christmas Song by Vince Guaraldi – I pretty much like every song on this soundtrack.  I’m actually surprised that O Tannenbaum didn’t rank higher.  It’s the best part of the show when that song is playing, “It’s not such a bad little tree after all…”
  6. Merry Christmas, Baby by Bonnie Raitt & Charles Brown – I seem to have this thing for the blues, especially when it comes to Christmas music. Again, how another Charles Brown song, Please Come Home for Christmas, didn’t rank higher surprises me.
  7. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee – This is a classic.  I mean I remember being a kid and hearing this song and just loving it.  So how do you dance merrily in the new old-fashioned way?
  8. I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – This song never actually refers to Christmas in anyway, but it does mention December so I guess that’s close.  Either way, it falls into the martini category again and how can you not like either of these two artists?
  9. Happy Holiday by Peggy Lee – Why my iTunes says various artists instead of Peggy Lee baffles me.  This song makes me want to drink a hot toddy in a lodge while watching fools go skiing.  It’s all about the lodge.
  10. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Dean Martin – Have you noticed a pattern to my music choices?  I seem to enjoy music from another era, with the Mariah Carey exception.  This is another classic that requires a martini in my hand while I stare at the Christmas tree and wonder what it will be like to see snow again.

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  1. susan

    I have a Pandora station called “Silver Bells” as it and White Christmas are my favorite Christmas songs. I too favor the tunes of a bygone era!


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