>Tis’ The Season to Unleash Your Inner Vixen!


I love wine, so when I was asked to try a bottle of Vixen Syrah, I jumped at the chance.

So, I’m no connoisseur, but I know what I like.  Vixen is characterized by her very dark beautiful color. This is a big Syrah, with smoky, red raspberry and early season black cherry on the nose. Earthy tones with light tannins on the palate with toast and coffee bean on a medium long finish.

It was sleek. No real wine bite, which I prefer. Kind of like the rest of my life. Keep things smooth and flowing!

A guy giving me this bottle as a gift on a date would be much better than flowers! Hint, hint.  In fact, I remember one time a guy did bring me a bottle of wine.  Let’s just say the date went very well.

Vixen Syrah isn’t pretentious. It’s fun and flirty, like me. Or how I try I to be anyway.  Or maybe how I am after a glass of wine or two…

As the back of the bottle says “Vixen, our foxy wine, is coy at first then comes on strong with elements of blackberry and some cherry.”

If you need help jump starting a flirty feeling in a conversation, bringing out this bottle is a sure fire way to get the ball rolling away from the friend zone.  Also, if you’ve just started dating and you are facing the “what do I get this person for Christmas?” question, a bottle of wine usually goes over pretty well.

You know what always goes well with wine?  A picnic.  In fact, a great date would be a bottle of this wine, a reserve white cheddar or perhaps parmigiano reggiano with slices of Italian salami. Of course, don’t forget the sourdough.  Even if the weather is less than perfect, a living room picnic can be fun…or even lead to more “fun.”

Interested in getting a bottle? The folks at Naked Winery are offering 30% discount on all purchases of Vixen Syrah. Simply use Discount Code: single (www.nakedwinery.com).

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