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>One bad thing (of many) about all these “reality shows” (or game shows for the new millennium) is that they don’t do holiday specials. I was just thinking of some of my favorite Thanksgiving related shows/episodes from years past:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – This show is actually being broadcast on Thanksgiving this year. A novel idea, I know. If that “Little Birdie” song doesn’t get play through your mind the next day, you might be dead inside. This special is one of Charles Shultz’ minor works, but nowhere the masterpiece that is Flashbeagle.

Cheers“Thanksgiving Orphans” This is a great Thanksgiving episode. The only problem is that TVLand edits out half of Diane’s drunken “I’d like to give thanks” speech, which is the best part of the whole episode. DAMN YOU Nickelodeon!

Mystery Science TheaterTurkey Day Marathon This one isn’t so much an episode as a concept. Comedy Central used to run back to back episodes of Mystery Science Theater for 24 hours straight on Thanksgiving. This was how I stumbled upon the comic genius that is this show. If you haven’t seen Mystery Science Theater, rent the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians episode. You’ll be singing “Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas” round the old tree this year!

WKRP in Cincinnati -“Turkeys Away” It’s a crime that this show isn’t on television in syndication. If you haven’t seen this find it on VHS. It has to be one of the funniest episodes of television ever. This quote from Mr. Carlson says it all: “As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly!”

5 thoughts on “>Thanksgiving on Television

  1. christhestampede

    >I always liked the muppet family christmas (not the same as a muppet christmas carol). But I’ve found that the tape (yes, tape) I have of it is shortened; that there are scenes I remember from childhood that are clearly cut out from the tape. Still, it’s quite the classic. “Watch out for the icy patch!”

  2. Balloon Pirate

    >The Mighty WKRP! That episode, for me, is one of the all-time classic half-hours of comedy.

    I can still hear Les Nessman’s voice as he reads the message on the helicopter:




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