>Thanksgiving for the Cooking Challenged

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>What does a single gal who needs to broaden her cooking abilities bring to Thanksgiving for an appetizer?  Normally, I just bring that cheese pesto sun-dried tomato torte concoction found in most grocery stores (except SaveMart of course).  This year I’d like to branch out into something I actually make from quasi-scratch.

The internet is a great source of information, but it’s very overwhelming.  How does one find such a recipe that fits into my limited skill set? 

As always, I have a laundry list of requirements for this recipe.  It must be something I can make ahead by at least 2 to 3 hours.  It can’t have any ingredients fancier than bleu cheese.  It can’t have too many ingredients or use too many utensils. 

Let’s face it.  I have the bare minimum of kitchen items required for survival.  You won’t find a stand up mixer or mandolin slicer in my cupboards.  Heck, you won’t even find a waffle iron.  And if you look in my fridge, you won’t find much beyond bottles of white wine, cheese, and yogurt.

I’ll peruse websites and cook books…yes, I actually have cook books.  But you know I’ll put more time and effort into the dessert than the appetizer.  Maybe I should just embrace the fact that I’m a baker and not yet a cook.  Not everyone is cut out to make fantastic food.

2 thoughts on “>Thanksgiving for the Cooking Challenged

  1. undercover caterer

    >just bring a block of brie and some fig jam, almonds or olives and a hunk of bread. everyone's happy and it's super easy.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >While that all sounds yummy and is a good idea, I think I'm the only one in my family who will even eat brie. And fig jam? I haven't the foggiest idea where to get that.

    I ended up getting the pesto, sundried tomato torta and had to drag my self to Trader Joe's to get it, but I only went there because it was too early in the morning for the maddening crowd to be there.


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