>Thanks for the Christmas Cards!

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>Ok, so it’s only December 7th, but I still haven’t received one Christmas card. What the hell is wrong with people? If I don’t get at least one damn card by the 15th, I’m going to be pissed off at everyone I know. In fact, I might just send out a follow card to those who didn’t send me a card even though I sent them one:

“That card you got from me last week will be the last you ever receive from me! Merry freaking Christmas!”

I understand if some unusual circumstance has come up from in your life (broken leg, suddenly changing residences, etc.), but having an excuse every damn year does not cut the mustard.

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4 thoughts on “>Thanks for the Christmas Cards!

  1. SFChick74

    >Timmy – I wish I knew.

    Ajooja – Thanks! I’ll even take an eCard at this point.

    Butchie – Thanks! Right back at ya!


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