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>My sister is great.  Whenever I need a sympathetic ear or some advice, she is there for me.  We didn’t always get along when we were young, I was the brainiac and she was popular, but now we can rely on each other for anything.  We still have disagreements, but that just makes our relationship that much more interesting. 

The best thing about her is that she can always make me laugh.  There is one good photo of me when I am at that awkward early teen stage.  It’s only good because I am genuinely happy, a rare thing for someone braving a hormonal tempest.  I remember that day.  It was a warm day in late October and we were carving pumpkins in the backyard.  My sister had just said something that made me laugh. 

It was probably something she said accidentally wrong like “wagon station” or “trick tre-fogity”.  Of course, when she says something the wrong way, my brain freezes and I can’t remember how to correctly say trick photography, which leads to a fit of laughter.

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