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>Not only are many people up at the crack of 6 hours before dawn to partake in the madness known as Black Friday, but there are also  many people who are hosting out of town visitors.  After a day of cooking for the Thanksgiving feast, the question the next day becomes what to do about breakfast?   While a bagel and a cup of joe might be an acceptable suggestion, some people want the ritual of a full meal with their kin, but without the necessary preparation. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, Sacramento is chock full of brunch choices.  On Black Friday, it seems that the selection is somewhat diminished.  At least that’s what I think.  I don’t know for sure because I haven’t seen any advertisements.  My suggestion to local restaurants is to get on Twitter, Facebook, and the websites/email lists and tell us if you are open.  I looked at Yelp and oddly enough, it wasn’t much help.

It’s not too late.  Tweet, post, or otherwise let us know if you are open so we can stimulate the economy and save ourselves from doing dishes, again.  Heck, all those shoppers will be hungry by 9 am.  Let them know they can cool their heels at your establishment.

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  1. Brigette Black

    >Ernesto's is opening especially for this reason at 9am on Friday! I don't know about any other restaurants doing something like this but it's definitely a great idea!


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