>Single for the Holidays…again.

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>Being single during the holidays sucks. At least that’s what all pop culture wants me to believe, right? I’ve never been in a relationship during the holiday season, so honestly, I don’t know any better. No matter what the romantic comedies say, I’m just as lonely on December 25th as I am on August 25th.

But, there are some good thing about being single now. I don’t have to fret about buying some guy a present. I’m a horrible gift giver. If I am not told specifically what to give a person, I buy what I assume is something fun. And we all know what happens when you assume.

Ok, I’m not that bad. I just put alot of pressure on myself to be perfect.

I’m declaring today the first day it’s safe to start dating someone without having to get them a Christmas gift. Hmmm. Maybe not. Wait until the 14th. Then it’s way too late. How are you supposed to buy a gift for a person you’ve only known for 10 days? Impossible.

Plus, I don’t have to be dragged to more holiday parties than I chose. No compromise for me! I can do what I want…hello, freedom.

Also, I can flirt with whomever I want at the holiday gatherings. Of course, the married men don’t count because they are invisible to me…for good reason. I’m not stupid enough to be a home wrecker. Wreck your home yourself. I’ve got mistletoe to find.

That’s one thing I’d like for Christmas, to be kissed under the mistletoe. Sure it’s some sort of ancient pagan ritual, but I still want to experience it.

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