>Run? More Like Shuffle to Feed the Hungry

>Every year in my neighborhood, tens of thousands (you read that right) of people pour in to do what I like to call the “Turkey Trot.”  On Thanksgiving morning, the population of a small town treads down the streets of East Sacramento.  Yes, it’s for a good cause, but I’m still going to complain about it.  Why? Because it’s insane how many people are moving around en masse around my house.

The fun starts around 7:30 ish.  People start lining up at Sac State in the 40 degree temperatures…that’s if they’re lucky it’s that warm.  The businesses in the area love it because many of those people want to grab a coffee or pastry before walking for 5 kilometers.  I don’t like it because it’s also garbage pick up day.

Why does this annoy me?  Well, having tens of thousands of people looking for street parking that is encumbered by large green trash cans makes me annoyed.  Add to that fact that the people of Sacramento don’t deal with street parking all that well.  I have seen people stop their cars in the middle of the street, get out, (no hazard lights on their vehicle mind you) move garbage cans making them block either the sidewalk, driveway or even the street, and then park in the place previously occupied by said can.  Dude.  Who moved my can and blocked my driveway? Happy Thanksgiving to you, jack.

Oh, did I mention the GIANT piles of leaves also sitting in the gutters taking up precious street space?  You would think that the piles would be a non-issue this year since the city implemented the “green waste” containers, but the plethora of trees negates their benefit.  Good planning there City o’ Sac.

I have considered offering up my drive way as a parking spot for a price, but I have a feeling that might be frowned upon, so I just let friends of mine use it for free while I watch in awe as the maddening crowd plods along J Street wearing turkey hats and pilgrim bonnets. 

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