Resolutions for 2013

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Damn. Is it really 2013? The future is pretty rad. I’m totally bring back rad.

Dating, diet, and fitness ads abound on TV which means a new year is about to begin. It’s interesting that we don’t see many commercials about investing, saving money or retirement planning. Maybe that’s not as sexy as well, sex.

Last year I made some resolutions , I even achieved a few.  This year, I’ll some newish goals.

1. Writing – Since this is my passion, I want to focus on achieving more clout (not necessarily klout) in this field somehow. It might be monetary or accolades or both, but this is an area on which I’d like to focus much of my energy. I’d also like to try out new styles, join more groups & just generally engage in more ways with regard to writing.

2. Health – Diets don’t work. What I want to do is act like a skinny person. I have stopped calling myself fat, for the most part. There are still those moments, usually fueled by hormones or emotions, when I slip up. But I have been getting better about portion control. I have tried to keep sweets away from me, but they somehow find their way into my awareness. I hate exercise. I do like to walk, so I’ve been pretty good about getting out of the office for 20 minutes to get off my ass.

3. Finances – While my financial habits have improved greatly over the past year, I’m still in need of improvement. I need to cut out some stupid costs which should have been cut last year. I need to watch my dining out habits. Avoiding dirtying a dish because I’m too tired to  bother is a lame excuse to go to Chipotle. I need to increase my liquid assets. I think that means putting more cash in my savings account. It doesn’t help that I can be an emotional spender. I’m sad. Ooh look at that pretty sweater!

1 thought on “Resolutions for 2013

  1. Moxie

    Funny, I just finished writing my 2013 resolutions for everyone else – it will go live tomorrow.

    Your writing resolution sounds very cool. I would highly recommend checking out some AWA groups locally – great way to generate more writing in a friendly environment. I know many of these folks & they are truly awesome & supportive.


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