Relationship Advice: Halloween Movie Edition

You know who is a great example of a loving, healthy relationship?  Morticia and Gomez Addams.  Seriously, go and watch that movie, again if you’ve already seen it.  Look carefully at how they interact with each other.  They are not afraid to express their feelings for each other.  It’s obvious to anyone that they care a great deal for each other.

Honestly, Morticia Addams is my idol.  I mean look at her.  She’s a strong, sexy woman who commands respect.  She doesn’t have to show off all her goods to be attractive.  She handles what life throws her way with class.

Of course it probably helps that she majored in spells and hexes in college, but I still admire the cool, calm demeanor she displays when confronted with well, anything.  Except of course, Gomez.  She let’s her passions carry her away.  And why shouldn’t she?  The man she loves is just as passionate about her.

Yes, I know.  They are fictional characters, but there is something at the core of the story that we can all learn.  Embrace the now, don’t sweat the small stuff, and sexiness comes from within, not from how much skin you show.

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