>Redefining Valentine’s Day

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>Valentine’s Day has pretty much always just been another day for me.  I’ve never actually had a Valentine.  This year, I’ve decided that my family is my Valentine. 

Yes, that sounds like something a spinster would say, but screw you.  The more I see chaos in the world, the more I realize I how lucky I am to have the family I have.  I trust them implicitly.  I’m not saying they are perfect, but they aren’t crazy.  They love me unconditionally and I love them back the same.  We make each other nuts sometimes, but we never stop loving each other.  This makes dating even more difficult for me because finding a guy worthy to be a part of my family is not an easy task. 

Because that’s what dating ultimately will lead to for me, getting married.  I’ve experienced having unworthy people become a part of my family (and witnessed it in friend’s families) and it’s not fun.  However, it did help me realize that if my parents don’t like my date, he’s gone.  Granted men never make it to the point where they meet my parents because they usually disappear way before that stage, so I’ve never actually faced that situation. 

Regardless, this Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating the love of my family.

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