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For the first time since 1985, I have Columbus Day off. Yes, that’s when I was the autumn of my 6th grade. Thank you for doing that math.

I never really thought about why Columbus Day is even a national holiday. Most people don’t get the day off. Sure, the usual suspects, banks, government agencies, and a few schools, get a three day weekend, but most businesses are open for well…business.

Sure, the truth to why it’s a national holiday probably isn’t some random conspiracy that has to deal with the Knights of Columbus and/or a muffin tin, but does it really matter? It’s kind of nice to have a break in that stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. And no, sadly, I won’t get Veteran’s Day off this year.

So how will I “celebrate” my day off? Any holiday worth celebrating incorporates cake and/or alcohol into the process. However, I think possible tapas or pasta might be in order. I definitely won’t be buying a car or a mattress.

Family legend says that one of my ancestors was part of the crew on the Santa Maria. It’s also possible that he was on the Nina instead. I haven’t done enough research to figure it out. One thing I have figured out is that there is usually a grain of truth to those family legends. I’m sure there are a few in yours.

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