>Random Thoughts on Christmas Lights

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>For some reason, people in Sacramento seem to like string those big white bulbs on their houses.  It reminds me of Farrell’s.  Or Las Vegas.  Does anyone remember Farrell’s?  They wore those old-fashioned outfits with the straw hats and vests with the arm bands.  Way better for a kid’s birthday party than stupid Chuck E. Cheese.

Wait…I was talking about Christmas decorations. 

Do they still make those plastic light up holiday statutes?  I’m a little over the blow up stuff.  Yes, the animated snow globe is cool, but the immobile plastic Santa rocks.

Then there are those LED lights.  Am I the only who can’t look at them?  Especially the blue ones?  They hurt my eyes.  And they seem like the wrong colors.  Is the white yellow or is it just me?

Don’t think I’m getting all humbug.  Any attempt at holiday decoration is all right by me, even if I have to squint to look at it.

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