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Remember how things were when you were a kid? If you are my age or older, you were pretty much living in the Stone Age compared to the technology available today.

But, that doesn’t mean I hate technology. In fact, I enjoy it. My favorite piece of Christmas technology? The NORAD Santa Tracker. Where is Santa now? He’s getting closer! What’s really interesting is the discussion between adults about their theories on when Santa comes to kids houses. I always figured it was at midnight. My mom thought it was closer to dawn. The Santa Tracker puts him in places between 11:30 PM and Midnight.

Another great thing that I wish I had when I was a kid is on the Sprout channel tonight. It’s called a Snooze-a-thon. It’s literally images of people and creatures (cartoon and real) sleeping. It’s so soothing. I’ve been watching it for the past few years. It’s like televised sleeping pills. I wish they had that on all year long.

Oh the games available now with a Christmas theme. We had NONE of them. Then again, we didn’t have the internet or iPods. We had to play board or card games. Video games were still in their infancy.

One thing that hasn’t really changed much is cookie technology. Of course, people try to healthy them up, but when it comes down to it, the butter, sugar, and flour just can’t be beat. This year I’m only making two different kinds of cookies. An all time low. When I was a kid (and even a few years ago) I would make five different kinds of cookies. Once, I even made a gingerbread house…from scratch!

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