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>Summary: Boring because I didn’t drink much and almost everyone was married or otherwise hooked up.

Highlight: The freaky religious carolers and random Santa handing out gifts only to the pregnant women. I went into the restroom and two of the carolers were in there practicing and discussing the lyrics to various carols and of course, Jesus. While waiting outside with my friend who was having a smoke, the carolers passed us, wandering through the building. I hoped they might be going to another holiday party, but since it was 6:30 at night, odds were that they were just lost. They wandered through the office holiday party much ignored.

Conclusion: Next year, let’s nix the lame carolers and Santa. Instead, pony up the dough for a longer open bar and a bit more food (which actually was really good). Apparently, they stopped pouring drinks at 8:00. Also, the professional decorations consisted of about 5 center pieces. All of them were beautiful, but did nothing to lend an air of festivity to the office.

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