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>I know it’s not PC to celebrate Columbus Day, but I really don’t give a rat’s ass.  First of all, rumor has it that one of my ancestors was on the Santa Maria.  Yes, it crashed and there is a possibility it was my ancestor’s fault, but that says nothing about my navigation skills. 

Second of all, I also have Native American blood in me too, so don’t get all nuts about the genocide comments.  Do you think the Spaniards who came over to make their fortunes in the New World brought their women with them?  Highly unlikely.  I know that a few of my ancestors were mestiza/mestizo.  Granted, I probably have more German blood running through my veins than anything else, but all of those genetic lines are there nevertheless.

By the way, from the few historical documents I’ve read, foreigners going into new lands and taking them over was old news back in the late 15th century.  I’m pretty sure the Romans, the Moors and a few other folks had already done that way before Queen Isabella sent Christopher Columbus looking for a shorter trade route to the East Indies.  I’m not saying it was a necessarily a good thing.  I’m just saying take a step back and look at history to learn from it.

Anyway, today I remember a turning point in history that led to a series of events that changed the world for better or for worse.

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