>A Holiday Season to Emphasize It

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>Why should I even bother to send out a Christmas card?

Most of the people to whom I would send one either see me on a regular basis or are on Facebook, so keeping them informed of my activities via a holiday letter would be pointless. 

Then after the bah humbug feeling passed…I remembered.  It’s really the thought that counts, right?  What is that thought? I would never turn down a Christmas card even if it wasn’t pretty, or funny, or even all that interesting.  As long as it was addressed to me from someone I know, I would be happy to get a greeting card of any sort.

I read a post over at Where My Heart Resides about a “Christmas Card Catastrophe.”  Since Ashlee is a great photographer, she put a lot of time and effort into producing a wonderful holiday missive.  She received the finished product and it was less than acceptable, to put it lightly. 

I, on the other hand, don’t have that creative talent, so I buy my cards on the cheap.  They don’t contain much info about me to update long distance relatives.  And since I’m unmarried and childless, it’s probably not socially acceptable for me to go the portrait card route.

However, I think we both can learn a lesson here.  Christmas isn’t about what’s better.  It’s about sending out love into the world.  Ashlee does that by sharing her talent with friends and family.  I do that by sending out a simple, Merry Christmas.  Both are wonderful in their own way.

2 thoughts on “>A Holiday Season to Emphasize It

  1. Ashlee Gadd

    >You are so funny. After I wrote that post, I had a company based in Portland contact me re: their electronic holiday cards. I actually think it's GENIUS. Do you have any idea how EXPENSIVE STAMPS ARE? Like, really. I cannot justify spending over $100 every year on Christmas cards. Ridiculous. This (or something similar) might be a perfect solution: http://www.hifrienddesign.com/all-style/holiday-ecards.html

  2. Ms. Chick

    >I agree, stamps are expensive, but I'm a little old fashioned…an electronic greeting will never really take the place of a physical card.

    Maybe for the kids today, but not for me.

    Plus, you can't put a web page on your mantle.


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