Hello, Summertime!

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Croquet, anyone?

Memorial Day is upon us. I have no plans. I had plans at one point, but they were canceled. I’m OK with that because June is going to be one hell of a busy month for me.

I need to take this three day weekend to conserve my energy for the social tsunami that will crash upon the shore of my calendar next month. Of course it would be nice to have someone to hole up somewhere with for a few days, but I’ve never had that someone to do that with, so I really don’t know what I’m missing…sort of.

Anyway, I am looking forward to three days of no alarms being set. Three days of lazy mornings spent in my pajamas, drinking coffee and surfing the internet. I might even throw a shopping trip or two in for good measure. Caution might be thrown to the wind…I could even attend a movie!

There will be wine…oh yes, there will be wine.

And I wouldn’t be a real American if I didn’t have something barbecued this weekend, right? I mean at least a burger should be thrown on the grill.

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