Happy Pi Day!

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CelebratePiDayMarch14thYes, you ready that correctly.  It’s March 14th and that means it’s Pi day.

Don’t remember this mathematical constant? Dig deep in the recesses of your memory and bring up the geometry class in 9th grade (or whatever grade you were tortured by it). Remember how we calculate area and circumferences of circular stuff. We use Pi. And because Pi is 3.14 (yadda yadda yadda) and we all love a reason to have pastry, we celebrate 3/14 as Pi day…with pie. At least in the United States…maybe Canada?

According to Wikipedia, the first Pi Day was celebrated by a physicist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco in 1988. I’m not sure when I first started celebrating Pi Day. I think I first heard about it a couple of years ago.

I know last year I went to a fancy dessert place and got a slice of chocolate pie to celebrate.  This year? I’ll be seeking out some pie somewhere.  How will you celebrate Pi Day?

It seems like a good way to introduce a math discussion with your kids.  Then again, I’m a nerd and enjoy nerdy things like math.

4 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

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