Happy Mother’s Day?

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On Thursday, this acquaintance of mine said that someone wished her a happy Mother’s Day. That’s weird on many levels.

Mostly, it wasn’t yet Mother’s Day and she’s not a mother. Do people assume all women over a certain age have kids? I know most people assume I’m married even though there is no ring on my left hand. Or should it be on the right hand? I always get that confused if I think about it too much.

Why would you assume anyone is a parent unless a child is attached to their hip? And even then, there’s a decent chance that child is not theirs.

What if someone had a child, but no longer does? You just went and said Happy Mother’s Day to that woman? Really, people. Don’t make assumptions like that. Of course, I assume everyone I meet who is over the age of 30 is married, but I don’t assume they have children. Maybe I need to change my mind about that and things will change in my life.

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