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>In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to warn everyone to avoid the “grilled cheese” when dealing with family.

What is this so-called, “grilled cheese?”  It’s when you start getting into an argument about something mundane with a member of your family, but it then manifests into something major.

For example, someone notices that you are in the kitchen due to your need for a grilled cheese sandwich.  The resulting mess from preparing said sandwich starts a lame argument about cleanliness and lack of respect, when it suddenly explodes into someone moving out of house and the two people not speaking for a year.  That’s “grilled cheese.” 

You know it will happen, maybe not to that extreme degree, but pretty close.  With the stress of the holidays, little things will set off the egos of everyone in a battle for attention and domination.  Just try to recognize the “grilled cheese” moment as it happens so you can keep a semblance of the peace this holiday season.

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  1. Dave2

    >You must make a grilled cheese significantly different from the way I make a grilled cheese. Other than a pan, a spatula, and a knife I toss in the dishwasher, there's no mess involved how I do it!


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