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Beer Croquet Course

Traditions run rampant in my family.  How they are created, no one can be sure.  Someone suggest something silly like Beer Croquet at one July 4th party and it suddenly becomes a thing we do every year.

Please note that we are neither Victorian nor English.  Even though I think I’d like to use a parasol some days.  Portable shade?  Yes, please.  Now that I think about it…my great-grandfather was English, so I guess some of us are English-ish.

What are the rules of Beer Croquet? Dodge the cans or you will have to drink. Tip: Don’t use bottles unless you like cleaning up broken glass from your lawn. Great way to end a day after drinking alcohol in the 100+ degree temps.

Regardless, I love celebrating Independence Day.  Wrap me up in the Stars & Stripes and call me a nerd.  I don’t care.  Give me a cold beer and a hot dog with a fireworks show at the end and I am happy.
Another tradition in my family is the annual Street Fireworks Display.  Over the last few days, the men in the family have been stocking up on all things explosive.  Quite the array of gun powder or what ever the hell it is that makes those things go boom. 
I swear if someone breaks out the Piccolo Pete’s this year, heads will roll.  I hate those things.  Then of course my Dad has to pinch them to make them even LOUDER.  Pardon me while I get a tissue to mop up the blood streaming out of my ears.  I might was well just wrap some gauze around my head and grab a fife like that patriot in those cartoons.  Or was that just a Bugs Bunny thing?
Regardless, I do like more than just the sparklers and snakes.  The names always crack me up.  Pearls of the Orient, Crackling Catus, Cuckoo Fountain, Grand Latte, Purple Rain, Tequila Sunrise, Killer Bees, and one I haven’t seen that seems to appeal to the kids & repel them at the same time: LOL.  There’s a scary ass clown on the package.  

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