>End of the Year Blowout

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Back in the Dark Ages, I lived in San Francisco. I have this vague recollection of walking around the Financial District on either December 30th or 31st and seeing pieces of paper fluttering through the air.

Every year, the folks who had to work these last two days of the year would toss out their old desk calendars…literally out the window. There would be these small rectangles of paper with July 9 and March 4 lining the sidewalk. I don’t really remember seeing any personal information on them. Then again, this was the Dark Ages before the internet was in everyone’s office, so people were just beginning to be concerned with their identities being stolen.

Does this still happen? Do people do this in other cities? I’m probably the only person who still has a physical calendar at their desk. Actually, I have like three calendars on my desk because I have a horrible sense of time. Seriously, is today Friday? Who knows.

4 thoughts on “>End of the Year Blowout

  1. Susan

    >um…..they can open their windows??? our building is totally sealed shut….couldn't toss my calendar if I wanted to!

  2. Ms. Chick

    >Some of the older buildings had the ability to open windows. The newer ones were sealed shut. Plus, I wonder if some didn't go up to the roof and toss it out.


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